Hey everyone, welcome to my Appalachian trail blog. I will be posting on this as I progress. I will be leaving town to hike north from New York, on saturday. Me and Chris Finely will be hiking until the 18th or so northbound and then heading to Springer with my uncle. I will be posting the places where I will receive mail drops on here in a couple days if you would like to assist me. I will tell you guys where I am at and the cool stuff out there. I will also respond to your input. Feel free to email me at kb1fdz@gmail.com.


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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hey everyone. I will be leaving saturday the 8th and traveling down to the new york/new jersey line where we will be heading north as far as possible.This will be about ten days. After that I will try to post again, but I will be goin down to Springer Mtn in GA.

Im at 163 lbs and carrying about 17/18lbs base weight. I was curious to see what I will weigh in a couple months.

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