Hey everyone, welcome to my Appalachian trail blog. I will be posting on this as I progress. I will be leaving town to hike north from New York, on saturday. Me and Chris Finely will be hiking until the 18th or so northbound and then heading to Springer with my uncle. I will be posting the places where I will receive mail drops on here in a couple days if you would like to assist me. I will tell you guys where I am at and the cool stuff out there. I will also respond to your input. Feel free to email me at kb1fdz@gmail.com.


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A message from the trail.

Hey guys me and Kyle are laying low. I think I got heat exhaustion yesterday and Kyle is feeling a little under the weather. VA has been fun. It's really aesthetic in some places, there are pastures frequently and ridge lines to walk. The roan highlands were amazing for myself. Mt Rogers was really cool, with a more natural rugged bald feel. We saw the feral ponies and treked a 30 mile day there. We are eager to excel further. We did 160 in the last 6 days. The new shoes we got in Damascus are about broken in now. I'm stopping into the P.O. In Waynesboro VA if anyone wants to communicate it's 200 away so sometime early next week well be there. I've clocked 7 thirty mile days and we think in a couple weeks with some discipline 40 might be obtainable. We can't eat enough, it's sick. We eat so much food on trail and in town it's on the verge of disgusting. I'm getting skinny and losing mass in everything but my calves. People have been so helpful and selfless down here, it's genuine. We can't thank everyone enough. We are having a great time. You should visit some time. We do miss you guys.



  1. Hey Cuz hope ur feeling better :) Glad to hear you guys are doing well I wish I drove so i could come visit you but we will meet up soon enuf without a doubt. Gotta go take a nap after the Spain/Portugal world cup game cuz me and dad have to go work in Hudson Tbones at midnite :( well take it easy guys cant wait to hear the latest news :)

  2. That's serious milage. Sounds like a massive amount of energy is being expended. Also sounds like the workload is clearing your head out;) Good for you guys!